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Social Media Marketing Services

RocketTech offers Social media marketing services in Delhi; we integrate the metrics, measurement and our analysis into our social media marketing campaigns
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Social Media Marketing Services

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Social Media Marketing

Brand Monitoring

Automatically find and share content your audience will love while keeping your social presence active even when you're not.


Social Media Contests

We at RocketTech helped to share or launch contests and sweepstakes on Facebook, Instagram and microsites.


Social Media Management

Manage your social networks, connect with customers, and grow your brand on social media — all in one place


Setup & Custom Profile Design

Effective social media profiles allow you to cultivate valuable relationships by engaging with your customers and giving an inside glimpse of what makes your business unique.

Why stress over Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Services Delhi

Who doesn’t want to reach hundreds and thousands of just with a click of a mouse? Today the best way to connect with targeted customers is Social media. Social media has a power of taking the brand value to seventh sky. But without any pre strategized social media marketing and a clear understanding of social media marketing, you might not even achieve the acceptable amount of ROI.

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We are focused on collecting the accurate data, and studying it with a view of achieving a long-term success. We bring focused business mindset to every client project we deal with. Improved communication and promotions for a company foster awareness for brand and time and again improves the customer traffic. In today’s worldwide online reach, it is very important for a company to stay in touch and connect oneself directly with the prospective as well as current customers.

Our Social Media Marketing Strategy

We are listed among the top Internet marketing agency in Delhi and we plan to stay on the top, therefore over the years we have build a team of experts, who can help you in measuring the efficacy of a particular post of the campaign posted on a social media page, which in turn helps your business to grow threefold. We make sure that we do a thorough analysis of the current data and carefully learn the trends of the current market before approaching any sort of social media marketing strategy.

Draft and Engage

After going through a long list of analysis and interpretations, we draft catchy content and share it out at once through all the social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. Our social media tool helps us to publish bulk branded contents once on different channels and also help us to engage with the customers. We can also plan your posts according to your preferences with our media tools.

Monitor the activity and Act on It

Today it has became very essential to monitor the performance of the brand and pay attention to problems and the conversation of the customer on the social media, as this helps in analyze their sentiments. Analysing the sentiments gives us a chance to monitor the negative and positive tags or review received by the brand from its customers. We also manage your social network streams by studying your social media properties.

Measure the details

Being the Best Smo Company in Delhi, we can easily generate snappy yet detailed reports by studying and analysing the success metric of your campaigns. Today Social media marketing companies in Delhi gives you an option to the brands of tracking down their social media profiles, mentionable sources and content messages a brand receives over the specific time period.

Measure the growth

Social media optimization services can help you in finding new potential buyers, whom you can directly target, hence making sure there is a growth in your brand’s business. Social media management services offer you a chance of having a direct conversation with the customers via a social platform.

By using the correct practice and that too at a right place, any organization no matter small or big, can get the most out of the online social media channels for the benefit of their existing business. And for that one must have perfect planning and an appropriate strategy that can give their online businesses a cutting edge over its competitors in the current market. Social media marketing services can be used for not only obvious promotion and launches but it can also help in establishing the collaboration and communication among different businesses and also between business and client. Social media has become an effective practice to attract huge web traffic and get best outcome for the current business website.

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